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CMMI Consultancy in India for CMMI Certification - Level 1 to 5

CMMI standard for capability maturity model is a proven approach to performance management with decades of results showing that it works. Organizations having CMMI certification have predictable cost, schedule, effectiveness and quality business results that serve as discriminators among their competitors.

CMMI Consultants help in implementation of CMMI, which is built with practices and goals seen in thousands of real organizations worldwide. Use these practices and goals to evaluate your own performance and decide what to improve for your own business reasons. CMMI is popular in software industries since its development. It defines the process of implementation of projects as per their maturity levels.

What is Maturity Level in CMMI Certification?

The maturity level in CMMI certification is a well-defined evolutionary action towards achieving a mature software process. Each maturity level provides a layer in the foundation for continuous process improvement. The Capability Maturity Model and its successor, the Capability Maturity Model Integration, are process improvement models applied to improving software development. They are based on five maturity levels that predict an organization’s capability to successfully develop software based on process discipline.

In CMMI models with a staged representation and continuous approach, there are five maturity levels designated as follows:
CMMI certification Maturity Level 1 - Initial
CMMI Certification Maturity Level 2 - Managed
CMMI Certification Maturity Level 3 - Defined
CMMI Certification Maturity Level 4 - Quantitatively Managed
CMMI Certification Maturity Level 5 - Optimizing

Benefits of CMMI Certification

Following are the key benefits that organization can achieve after CMMI certification under our CMMI consultancy:
Proven framework for program planning and execution.
Measurable impacts on business effectiveness.
Managed cost, schedule, quality, predictability.
Brings integrity and discipline to competition and program execution.
Increase level of communication between employees of the organization.
Improved communication paths and stakeholder involvement.
Identification of process gaps and institutionalization needs.
Improves management visibility and oversight of program execution.

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